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January 20–25, S.R. 1419 (T.A. 3019)

Events are difficult to date during the Company’s stay in Lórien, and indeed some of the characters themselves become confused about how much time they passed there.

When does Legolas start taking Gimli along as he explores Lórien? We are told that it happened ‘often’, but not how soon it followed their arrival: ‘Legolas was away much among the Galadhrim, and after the first night he did not sleep with the other companions… Often he took Gimli with him when he went abroad in the land, and the others wondered at this change.’ Lacking any further clues, let’s choose their fourth night in Lorien to make note of their growing friendship.

The Shire-Reckoning · Jan 20 · 10:40 am

Over the past several days Legolas has been spending time wandering through Lórien and amongst its Elves—especially at night while the Company is asleep. Now he has started taking Gimli with him as he explores.

Frodo’s mourning-song for Gandalf is similarly undated.

The Shire-Reckoning · Jan 22 · 8:40 pm

Frodo laments:

‘When evening in the Shire was grey
his footsteps on the Hill were heard
before the dawn he went away
on journey long without a word

He stood upon the bridge alone
and Fire and Shadow both defied
his staff was broken on the stone
in Khazad-dûm his wisdom died.’

The two final events of the month are entirely undated in the narrative, but are mentioned specifically in the Tale of Years and so can at least be assigned an exact date.

The Shire-Reckoning · Jan 23 · 9:30 am

For eight days the Balrog has climbed secret tunnels with Gandalf in pursuit. Finally they reach the Endless Stair of many thousand steps, which brings them to Durin’s Tower and a narrow ledge atop Zirak-zigil. The Balrog bursts again into flame. The Battle of the Peak begins.

The Shire-Reckoning · Jan 25 · 9:10 am

For two days and two nights fire and lightning have scorched the peak of Zirak-zigil. Now, Gandalf finally casts the Balrog from the peak. The mountainside collapses where its body strikes.

Gandalf himself passes away. His body lies without sheet or shroud upon the peak.

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