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For modern date
2020 February 24

Today in the Shire is:
February 24

In the year S.R. 1419

February 24
moon 9.4% fullWaxing

The Company spends the night under cover on the west-bank after the Orc ambush they suffered on the river above the rapids just before midnight. At dawn Boromir advocates abandoning their boats for an overland march through eastern Rohan and so down to Gondor. But Aragorn wishes both to avoid the fens of the lower Entwash and especially to reach the ancient High Seat upon Amon Hen — the Hill of Seeing beside the river where the narrow waters of Nen Hithoel empty over the thundering Rauros — from whence he hopes to exercise his ancestral sight and take counsel before leaving the River.

Aragorn and Legolas set out westward at daybreak and find further inland the old portage-road around the rapids of Sarn Gebin. The Company spends the day moving their gear first to the road, then down to the foot of the rapids, where they lay down exhausted for an uneventful night of sleep.

February 23
moon 6.6% fullWaxing

The Company have now been on the Anduin for a week since parting from Lórien. The hills about the river become larger and more rocky as they paddle and drift southwards before dawn, and many birds flutter about the cliffs and chimneys as they camp under cover during the day; but far above they descry a hunting-eagle (spying for Saruman, though they will not guess this until his Uruk-hai attack them three days hence).

The take to the water again at dusk and just before midnight reach the deadly rapids of Sarn Gebir — they are miles south of where Aragorn had imagined them. The strong current draws them toward both the rapids and the east-bank, from which Orcs fire arrows from sudden ambush. They gain the west-bank without injury — their boats and grey elven-cloaks apparently present difficult targets even for Orcs in the darkness — and Legolas turns and with an arrow fells the flying carrion-steed of a Nazgûl that flew toward them from the south.

February 22
(2 days ago)
moon 3.4% fullWaxing

After paddling their boats until dawn the Company make camp again on the west-bank of Anduin and sleep through most of the day before proceeding south again. They have now been seven days out of Lórien. Overcast skies begin to clear and they see the new moon setting in the west soon after sunset.

February 21
(3 days ago)
moon 99.4% fullWaning

The sixth day arrives since the Company woke for the last time beneath the golden mallorn of Lórien and committed themselves to the great river Anduin. As the river carries them southward toward lands held by the Enemy, they now sleep during the day under what cover they can find and move at night.

February 20
(4 days ago)
moon 95.4% fullWaning

Just after midnight Frodo wakes in the camp the Company have made on the west bank of the Anduin, and takes over from Sam the watch the two of them have set for Gollum, whom Sam believes he saw yesterday evening on the River. Hours before dawn, the creature indeed appears by their boats, but retreats when Frodo brandishes Sting. This confrontation awakes Aragorn, who reveals that he has been aware of Gollum for several days but has failed to capture him. The Ranger sends Frodo to sleep and keeps watch until dawn.

Uneasiness continues to wear upon the Company as they drift south upon the Anduin for a fifth day since leaving Lórien, for the country around them remains bare of cover for their journey; barren hills begin to rise on the east-bank. They begin periodic use of their paddles to speed their journey, and Merry and Pippin note that Boromir seems quietly eager to remain near the boat carrying Aragorn and the Ring-bearer.

February 19
(5 days ago)
moon 91.3% fullWaning

Lórien now lies four days behind the Company. They feel exposed as they float between banks devoid of almost any vegitation. As dusk closes over their boats, Sam glimpses eyes atop a log in the current behind them; and after the company makes camp for the evening — again on the west bank, since Orcs control the eastern shore — he reveals to Frodo his guess that Gollum is following them, and learns that his master had sighted the creature weeks ago when they slept upon the flet after entering Lórien. Fearing that they may be strangled in their sleep, the two agree to keep watch overnight; Sam takes the first shift.

February 18
(6 days ago)
moon 87.1% fullWaning

The Company spend another long day on the river, borne south upon the current of the Anduin.

February 17
(7 days ago)
moon 83.0% fullWaning

The great Eagle Gwaihir the Windlord, who almost exactly five months ago rescued Gandalf from the pinnacle of the fortress of Orthanc, now discovers the wizard stranded upon the peak of Zirak-zigil. He carries the wizard to Lórien where he will rest briefly before returning to the labors interrupted by his struggle with the Balrog and death.