April of S.R. 1418

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moon 30.0% full April 12.

After more than nine years away, Gandalf returns to the Shire. Bilbo departed almost seventeen years ago, and Frodo himself is now forty-nine years old. The wizard arrives in Hobbiton at dusk and spends the night at Bag End.

moon 33.4% full April 13.

Gandalf breakfasts at Bag End, having arrived yesterday after an absence of more than nine years. He explains to Frodo that the magic ring Bilbo left him is in fact the Ruling Ring of Sauron, forged long ago so that through it his will could dominate the Three Rings of the Elves and, eventually, all of Middle-earth. Frodo accepts that he will have to leave the Shire with the Ring, and when Sam is caught eavesdropping Gandalf designates him as Frodo's travelling companion.

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