May of S.R. 1419

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moon 30.6% full May 1.

Frodo and his companions remain in Minas Tirith at the insistence of Aragorn, who awaits the riding of the High Elves in which Elrond will bring his bride Arwen now that he has become the King Elessar.

Elrond leaves Rivendell with his daughter Arwen for the two-month journey south to Minas Tirith where he will give her in marriage to the King.

moon 56.8% full May 8.

A week after the coronation of the King, the new King Éomer leaves Minas Tirith with his sister Éowyn to return to Edoras and set in order his own kingdom. He will also prepare a new mound at the foot of the city to receive the body of King Théoden when his body returns to Edoras in two months; in the meantime Théoden lies in state in the White Tower.

moon 2.5% full May 20.

Having left Rivendell at the beginning of May, Elrond and Arwen reach Lórien after coming safely over the Redhorn Pass and down the Silverlode.

moon 20.2% full May 27.

After resting a week beneath the trees of Lórien, Elrond and Arwen leave to continue their journey south to Minas Tirith where he will give her hand to the King in marriage. They are joined by Galadriel and Celeborn, who will also visit Minas Tirith to see this last betrothal between Elves and Men.

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